The Local Digital Collaboration Unit at the UK Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government were on a mission to support a national ‘Local Digital’ movement, that brings together everyone required to make excellent local public services for users and taxpayers.

The brief was to create an identity that allowed for consistency across communications channels and stands the Local Digital apart from the Central Government Communications.

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Challenge, approach and solution

The identity needed to be simple, bold and easily identifiable. The colour palette and primary font were provided from existing brand guidelines. .

I was inspired by communication and the idea of connecting people. Using my take on a speech bubble, I placed the ‘Local Digital’ at the heart of the communication, inside the speech bubble, leaving some of the text outside the box to reflect how the Local Digital department is doing things a little differently, and thinking outside the normal box. The ‘L’ and ‘I’ complete the speech bubble reflecting the idea of connection. I created an additional identifier of overlapping coloured boxes that worked together to reflect the idea of connection, with the Local Digital at the centre.

This identifying mark was adapted to work for the various workstreams, providing ultimate flexibility for the team.

Various social media and document templates were designed, and other print collateral, enabling the team to maintain and develop a seamless and consistent identity across multiple touchpoints.

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Local Government
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Local Digital
Explanation of logo development
Logo variations for the different departments
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Branded twitter page on macbook screen
Twitter banner and profile image designs with post template design
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Google slides template deck
Three sets of sticker designs to be put on the back of employees laptops
Stickers on laptop mockup
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