Sail the Sea is a charity sailing regatta set up by Lianne and Tanya to raise money and awareness of breast cancer, in conjunction with Cancer Now.

Tanya and Liane first met in 2017, when working on the South Coast sailing 40ft yachts. Liane was amazed to hear that Tanya was fighting breast cancer at the time, as she always appeared so upbeat and happy out on the water. Little did she know that they would soon be fighting the very same disease. Their friendship grew as Tanya supported Liane from diagnosis through to treatment. They now want to share their love of the water, whilst raising money for Breast Cancer Research.

Unfortunately, the regatta was postponed to 2022 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Challenge, approach and solution

The main requirement from the clients was for the identity to include the colour pink, as this is the recognisable colour for breast cancer. The colour palette was chosen to work alongside the Cancer Now branding, while still remaining recognisable as the two brands would be sharing collateral throughout the regatta.

The contrasting colours, bold shapes and use of smiling photography keep the identity fun and eye-catching. I wanted to reflect the cause throughout the identity in a subtle way, so circles and curved shapes were used as a prominent graphical representation.

A Facebook page was created to share all event information and allow people to share their stories and photos from the day. The social media assets were set up in Canva so Tanya and Liane could easily edit them when required.

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Visual identity, Graphic design
Sail the Sea
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