Brand identity and graphic designer

Myko app

Website design for Myko app: Smart home living for all
Website design
The brief
In collaboration with Myko, a leading smart home app provider, our team was tasked with crafting a visually engaging and user-friendly website for Kingfisher Group's innovative smart home application. The resulting website offers a sleek interface where visitors can effortlessly download the app and access comprehensive resources and information, enhancing their smart home experience.
The idea
In this project, I focused on translating established branding into a dynamic and user-friendly interface. Utilising overlapping product elements and intuitive pill-like navigation, we infused a contemporary aesthetic into the interface. Upon arrival to the site, the fixed bottom navigation directs attention to essential messaging and brand identity. As users explore further, the navigation seamlessly transitions to the top for effortless access to additional pages, ensuring a smooth and engaging user experience.
Women looking at mobile phone with website
Laptop on the arm of a sofa with webpage open on the screen
Multiple screens showing the mobile version of the website
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