Brand identity and graphic designer

Ada Mode

Identity design for AI-powered data science solutions
Brand identity design, Brand strategy, Website design
The brief
Ada Mode is an engineering consultancy company whose focus is on artificial intelligence and advanced data science solutions for industrial operations. Their mission is to make the industry smarter, greener, safer and more efficient through harnessing the power of industrial data. Their vision is to become the company that inspires and enables the industry to perform better. The brief was to create a sophisticated, fresh and clean look for their brand, with the primary colour being green to reflect the company's mission.
The idea
I created an abstract mark that reflects the connection and intertwining of data and AI. I developed the logo into a graphical element that was used to instil the visual identity, using it as a point of interest in backgrounds to add more interest. The primary colour palette consists of a selection of greens to reflect the environmentally conscious side of the company in a modern and clean way. Using a web safe sans-serif font enables brand consistency across all customer touchpoints. The website was built using Webflow and provides an easy-to-navigate, clear-to-understand experience to its users, as well as points of interest with videos and use of imagery. Webflow CMS allows the Ada Mode team to easily update their content, as well as add new blog posts and case studies.